Marketing Services

Marketing Raptors ensure that your emails are delivered to your intended recipients’ inboxes. We use various techniques and technologies to monitor email deliverability, maintain email reputation, and optimize email content to ensure maximum deliverability.
Some common features of our managed deliverability services include email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), reputation monitoring, blacklist monitoring, spam filter testing, email content optimization, and deliverability reporting. By using our managed deliverability services, businesses can reduce the likelihood of their emails being marked as spam, increase the chances of their emails being opened and read, and ultimately improve their email marketing ROI.

Complete Peace Of Mind With Basic To Advance Level Of Support

The offered services encompass a comprehensive range of solutions for email marketing and website optimization. These services include importing contacts and segmenting them based on specific criteria for targeted campaigns. Web tracking setup enables the collection of valuable data on visitor behavior, while funnels and orders setup allows for tracking and optimizing the customer journey. Analytics and recurring reports provide insights into campaign performance, engagement, and deliverability. Content feed services facilitate personalized email content, and relational tables with external SQL clients enhance data management capabilities. Creatives are designed to align with brand identity, and additional support from Email on Acid ensures proper content rendering. Campaigns can be sent or scheduled for optimal engagement, while transactional emails and autoresponders are set up to improve customer interactions. Website optimization services focus on enhancing website performance, and acquisition channels are integrated with ESP for effective lead generation. Coordination with ESP and other stakeholders ensures timely goal achievement. Overall, these services aim to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing, boost customer engagement, and drive conversions through targeted campaigns and optimized website experiences. These services collectively aim to enhance email marketing effectiveness, improve customer engagement, and drive conversions through targeted campaigns, data-driven insights, and optimized website experiences.